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5 Valuable Tips to find the best online health insurance

by Admin on December 29, 2012

Are you prepared to handle costs if there’s an emergency or an illness? Health insurance is something that a lot of people tend to neglect owing to the premiums involved, but it is important to remember that the bills you will need to foot if you don’t have insurance may vary from savings-depleting to resulting […]

Is Chinese Medicine as good as Western Medicine?

by Admin on December 29, 2012

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was introduced to the West only a few decades ago, and still hasn’t quite gained full acceptance from skeptics all over the world. Chinese Medicine is being practiced for more than 2000 years now, and is based on a holistic approach to overall wellbeing. Traditional Chinese Medicine involves acupuncture, healing with […]

How to reduce drug consumption ?

by Admin on October 30, 2012

Illegal and prescription drug consumption has wreaked havoc on millions over the years. All too many teens, young adults, and even middle-aged individuals are turning to drugs and putting themselves in great danger. What can be done to alleviate this problem? Read on to find out.

How To Prevent The Spread Of Diseases

by Admin on October 29, 2012

If someone in your home or workplace has contracted a communicable disease, it is only a matter of time before everyone around will come down with the infection. However, the good news is that with some precaution and care, you can prevent the spread of diseases and maintain a healthy environment.