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How To Prevent The Spread Of Diseases

by Admin on October 29, 2012

If someone in your home or workplace has contracted a communicable disease, it is only a matter of time before everyone around will come down with the infection. However, the good news is that with some precaution and care, you can prevent the spread of diseases and maintain a healthy environment.

make hygiene a priority

Make hygiene a priority

Always cover your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. Washing your hands with an antibacterial soap several times a day will take care of any disease-causing organisms that your may have contacted while cleaning, cooking , using the bathroom or handling pets. Bathing regularly and maintaining good personal hygiene also helps in preventing fungal and other skin infections.

Maintain a distance

If you are unwell, stay away from others and avoid going to work, school or public places. Use a medical face mask to prevent the spread of germs and encourage others to do so as well. If you or your partner is affected with an STD, be sure to practice safe sex using condoms. Last but not the least, don’t share napkins or towels with anyone.

Build up your immunity

Following healthy lifestyle habits strengthens your immune system and guards you against contagious diseases. Eat well and exercise regularly. Vitamin C supplements may also help boost your immunity, especially against colds and flu.

Keep up to date with immunizations

It is extremely important to get yourself vaccinated for communicable diseases. Keep a track of your family’s immunization schedule and get your shots whenever they are due.

Take your medical prescriptions seriously

Visit a doctor at the first signs of illness and find out if your condition is contagious. If you have been given antibiotics, take them on time and complete a full course to prevent recurrence and spread of the disease. At the same time, don’t take medications unnecessarily as they may cause antibiotic resistance.
A mild bug in the air can turn into a full-blown epidemic if not checked in time. Being cautious and careful will not only protect you from contagious diseases but will also help safeguard the health of those around you.

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